Involution to the Comfort Zone | Fall Winter 2016 2017

Segments, sets, fragmented lines, tangles, mathematical symbols, brackets, numbers and basic geometric forms, tell the Fall Winter 2016 2017 Collection that is entirely developed on the dual meanings of the concepts of Involution and Comfort Zone, first intended as a defensive mental function about the escape backwards to a comfortable dimension: an ideal childhood, where you can feel safe from adversity. At the end, these ideas are materially translated.

In this way, the dress is designed as a biological organism which generates its safeguard mechanism by involution motions. The dress is framed by raw cuts with visible seams that reveal a craft concept, it slowly rewinds on itself, creating permanent creases spirals and curls of fabric. The color choices are the pastel palettes of face powder, cornflower blue and camel, that collide with the intense blue and brown shades, until the hot mustard, bright as the space white.

A symbolic return to the early years of school, where the school uniform is reinvented in an ironic version, through altered details, whose functions radically change in the name of an aesthetic ideal, far from any logic. A game in which all elements take role on different functions than those for which they were conceived; and so the sleeves act as belts, while slots and irregular holes change shape, according to the movements of the body. Sometimes the pockets are without depth and the buttons without buttonholes.

Spongy, soft and enveloping fabrics, now shining or crinkled, create together unusual compositional match with an ironic appeal, joined together only by a fil rouge: relax, water, the Comfort Zone. And so, from satins, sponges and absorbent microfiber mainly used for bathrobes, the water vapor is deposited in the form of pigments on the bouclé texture and then in the form of droplets on the pvc, applied to the shaved fur, until it takes the form of a liquid aesthetic on the chenille velvet. The origami shaping of the most informal and versatile looks takes shape in the rough crêpe, that balances the three looks of the collection: solid, liquid and aeriform.