| No Season 2015 Show

Exotic landscapes and industrial scenarios, abandoned and contaminated suburbs, where the rough nature and the unfinished construction seem to want to prevail one on the other. Tactile and sensory perceptions are focused on the No Season 2015 collection. A project that celebrates the ability of coexistence between natural and artificial elements, that together constitute a new identity.

The decadence, the final stage of the natural process, becomes the most favorable condition to fulfill this course: the opaque white of the walls is represented by the large volumes of outerwears, at times affected by fragments of murals soaked of symmetries, that crash on black and gray of the rounded and flowing forms of fresh lime. Verdant wild plants growing above and below the synthetic surface, tattered, deteriorated, and stand around massive skeletons of shimmering aluminum, until absorbing it. The white shirt, basic item of clothing par excellence, becomes versatile and adaptable for both day and night.
Finally, sneakers, fanny packs and small backpacks are the setting for a sporty-chic style, that dares and goes beyond, perfectly intertwined with experimental materials and sophisticated manufacturing.

Fabrics: woven, jersey, leather, neoprene and cotton.
Colors: white, black, grey, silver, green, blue.

Ph. Mike van der Ent Pasarella / Łukasz Szeląg