Molt | Spring Summer 2016

Connective tissue, superficial feelings, epidermal layers that fork. Skin changes,protective screens.

Scars, tracks and growths go through the whole body and tell the biological phenomenon of the molt. Portions of skin tear and open more thin and fresh surfaces, other layered acting as an external armor, an armor with a rigid aesthetic that, however, hides a fragile soul. The tactile impact appears as an intimate and private experience. Do not touch.

Skin becomes, at the same time, something to be disposed of and something that protect ourselves.

The cutaneous dress is moving. Sometimes, the dress is about to falling off, rippling, escaping; sometimes it renewed, overlapping; in other moments, it is regenerated. Ephemeral sensations converge in technical reticulated: the net becomes swollen and more thin in cellular patterns. Finally sensations travel impalpable in the ether.

Connections in the space travel at epidermal level, creating an unique condition of dependence and separation. Feel safe without being exposed.

Volumes are made by textured surfaces but all addressed to confront with the key element: light. The light is absorbed from the wires that are woven diagonally, emitting hot chromatic iridescences, then it results in white: absolute, microscopic and, in the end, pours slowly in scales on the denim.

The precarious equilibrium between an instinctive appeal to cyclical renewal and a material sense of attachment to what that symbolize the experience: the empty dress, crumpled that becomes an alien part, the exuviae.