Visions between the end and the beginning

Dresses hung in the duality of the dark, in the indefinite time between the darkness of death and the one where the seed germinates, telling the evolutionary stages of an uncertain and inescapable wait, comparable to that of the metamorphosis of a chrysalis. As an impenetrable armor, the use of the leather and of the embellished rubber give rigidity to the figure, which contrasts with flowing fabrics like satin and silk chiffon, light and fragile as the wings of an insect. “Visions between the end and the beginning” is an assemblage of runaway perceptions due to ancestral reminiscences, positive sensations of events which have no place nor time, abstract visions in the primitive darkness of rebirth, a symbol that characterized the final work collection FW 13/14 exhibited in “Altaroma Altamoda” edition of July 2013 and winner of the “Fashion Award” Altieri Academy.